This is a real company. I am a member of the company and I already got payment from them. I was so excited when they launch a new media to give us more opportunity to earn more money.   I already got paid by this company.

Everyone got either a blog, a Twitter, a Plurk, or a Facebook account,  or other social networking account.

Join this one to be able to share interesting products, entertainment and cool events to your friends.  By just sharing, you get paid from it.  Your friends doesn’t need to join.  They only need to click the link you are sharing.  And that’s it.   The ads would sure to be of your friends’ interest because those ads are sure to interest you yourself.  Believe me on this one.  Why?  Because the ads are country-targeted ads.

For Philippine residents, minimum payout is 2,000 pesos.  Note that different countries would have different minimum payout amount.

Join ChurpChurp now and for sharing cool ads and get paid.