Share, Earn, Win and Have Fun From Blogging with Nuffnang


You got a blog?  You might want to join Nuffnang.  Nuffnang is the first blog advertising community in Asia.

What do you get from Nuffnang?  You join based on your country.  They are expanding and soon, more countries would be included.  The only requirements is for you to have a blog.


Sharing, Earning and Win…

You would need to put at least one banner on your blog.  Whenever someone clicks on the banner, you earn money.  You would receive your earnings when you reach the minimum payout.  That’s how you earn from Nuffnang.

There would also be events wherein you can join.  Yes, they got lots of advertisers, cool ones.  And there would be events, for free!  You don’t get money here, but you get all the fun when you’re one of the winners after you blog about the advertiser.  You can get movie tickets, food, and even concert tickets!

If for example you are from the Philippines (I am), ads from Philippine advertisers would be displayed.  And that means your blog visitors are sure to be interested to click on the ads.

Believe me, the ads are interesting.

So, I you do blogging, why not join Nuffnang.  You would love the earning and the extra benefits you get from them.

Check Nuffnang at

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